Organisational Change & Support

3rd February 2014


Through an organisational change process, to support the internal culture of the Young Foundation and develop the effectiveness and wellbeing of its team members and partner organisations


The Young Foundation


The Young Foundation was established in 2005 and has been driving thinking, action and change in social innovation in the UK and abroad. It is a ‘think and do’ tank, merging research on key social issues, with pioneering initiatives such as The Open University, UpRising and Studio Schools. We have worked with the Young Foundation over the five years in a range of roles, focusing on the importance of internal culture in driving the effectiveness and wellbeing of its most important resource – its people.


We provide professional coaching for staff members, from Directors to associates, and have done so over many years.


We have worked closely with the senior management team in the development of systems for supporting organisational intelligence and change, along with training interventions in leadership and management.


As part of the Young Foundation support structures for social entrepreneurs, we have provided coaching services for CEOs and leaders, along with strategic consultancy.


The Young Foundation sets up a number of start-up ventures which often come from its research into social issues and solutions. We have been involved in a number of these including curriculum development and delivery for ‘Uprising’ – a leadership development programme for young adults from diverse backgrounds, and the development of a pyramid training programme for citizens to train other citizens in key life skills such as first aid and diffusing conflict for ‘the U’.



Photo credit: Alex Brenner

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