Long Term Conditions

3rd February 2014


To conduct research for Islington’s Clinical Commissioning Group exploring self-care for Long Term Conditions


Islington CCG


We conducted two tiers of research and analysis for Islington CCG. The first round of research involved workshops with patients with Long Term Conditions (LTCs) from across the borough to explore their experience of healthcare.

This first round led us to identify key insights concerning identity, security and the clinical experience. These insights were bolstered by a literature review and an in-depth analysis of the British Medical Journal’s Patient Journeys series. Drawing on both our own research and this review we inferred some potentially useful generalisations of patient experience. We then designed a second workshop to explore our initial analysis further.

Our second round of research drew on journey mapping techniques used in service design to test our overview of a recognisable LTC patient journey. This led us to make some important adaptations to our initial model, which we are still exploring for its potential applications beyond this research piece.


Photo credit: photosbyflick

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