We have made a number of our publications available for download.

Good and bad help

How purpose and confidence transforms lives


Evidence to PACAC Inquiry on Kids Company

Dr Genevieve Maitland Hudson presents evidence to PACAC Inquiry on Kids Company


Context is Key

Why organisations fail to become more innovative and flexible and what we can do about it


Shared Measurement: Rethinking Impact


Leadership Design

A guide to leadership development in the education and training sector


The hidden talent

Ten ways to identify and retain transformational leaders


Anti Hero

The Hidden Revolution in Leadership & Change


Catching The Wave

The State of Local Authority Innovation in the UK and Creative Councils Programme


Civic Limits

How much more involved can people get?


People & Participation

How to put citizens at the heart of decision-making


International Comparison

of Public Dialogue on Science and Technology


A Nod Is as Good as a Wink


Healthy Democracy

The future of involvement in health and social care


Making A Difference

A guide to evaluating public participation in central government


Democratic Technologies

The final report of the Nanotechnology Engagement Group (NEG)


Deliberative Public Engagement


Open Government Report

Beyond static measures


Post Party Politics

Can participation reconnect people and government?


Comparing Data

The Osca Troubled Families Dataset