We have made a number of our publications available for download.

Good and Bad Help

How purpose and confidence transform lives


Evidence to PACAC Inquiry on Kids Company

Evidence to PACAC Inquiry on Kids Company by Dr Genevieve Maitland Hudson


Context is Key

Why organisations fail to become more innovative and flexible and what we can do about it.


Shared Measurement: Rethinking Impact

A short collection of essays raising questions about why and how we measure social programmes and share the results of that work.


Comparing Data: The Osca Troubled Families Dataset

Full anaylsis of the Troubled Families dataset


Leadership Design: A guide to leadership development in the education and training sector

The purpose of this guide is to help the education and training sector create the culture of leadership it needs to tackle the big issues it currently faces.


The hidden talent: Ten ways to identify and retain transformational leaders

This paper describes ten ways in which organisations can start to grow and retain the strategists they need.


Anti Hero. The Hidden Revolution in Leadership & Change

Anti Hero argues that the modern challenges we face have fundamentally changed what we need from our leaders, requiring a shift from Heroic to Antiheroic leadership.


Catching the Wave. The State of Local Authority Innovation in the UK

Commissioned by NESTA and based on applications to the Creative Councils programme, Catching The Wave provides a window into local authority innovation in England and Wales in the Summer of 2011.


Civic Limits: How much more involved can people get?

Civic Limits seeks to provide some definition to the big society debate by exploring the best available data on the state of civic life in Britain, and describing what in practical terms is required to get more people involved.


People & Participation: How to put citizens at the heart of decision-making

This report explores the issues facing participatory practice in Britain today, outlining in particular the challenges and opportunities of introducing participatory approaches into our institutions and organisations.


International Comparison of Public Dialogue on Science and Technology

This report examines the practice of national-level public dialogue on science and technology in eight leading countries including the UK, and compares these countries across certain key features in public dialogue and engagement.


A Nod is as Good as a Wink

The social impact of the U


Healthy Democracy: The future of involvement in health and social care

This book, produced by Involve, explores the future of public involvement in health and social care, with the aim of fostering a more durable and effective environment for involvement.


Making A Difference: A guide to evaluating public participation in central government

This guide to evaluating public participation, produced by Involve, is intended to help those involved in planning, organising or funding such activities to understand the different factors involved in creating effective public participation.


Democratic Technologies: The final report of the Nanotechnology Engagement Group (NEG)

This report, produced by Involve, follows a group of pioneering projects which explore how we might ensure that future developments in nanotechnology are governed in the interests of the many, not the few.


Deliberative Public Engagement: Nine Principles

This document, produced by Involve, aims to encourage and support good quality deliberative public engagement activities, so that these can help to create better public services, promote social cohesion and foster a thriving democracy.


Open Government Report

A paper produced by Involve for the OECD, introducing new indicators for measuring government openness.


Post Party Politics: Can participation reconnect people and government?

This pamphlet takes a look at the current crisis of legitimacy in Britain’s political system, and explores how a process of reconnecting people and government might be achieved.