Invitation to lead the good help movement

15th June 2018 Blog

Our work so far suggests that thousands of people across the UK are transforming lives through offering ‘good help’. But too … read more

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Good Help Project: Get Involved

31st January 2018 Blog

On 6 th February 2018 we are launching the ‘Good and Bad Help’ publication with Nesta. This marks the start of … read more

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Is all help good? What makes help, unhelpful?

18th September 2017 Blog

In the wake of tragedies, we rightly point to acts of kindness offered to the victims, be it blankets, cash or … read more

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Many public services undermine self-confidence – how can we support change?

2nd May 2017 Blog, Daily

“Self-belief does not necessarily ensure success, but self-disbelief assuredly spawns failure,” wrote Albert Bandura in his 1997 magnum opus ‘Self-efficacy: The … read more

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Beyond the Self-Management Hype

7th March 2017 Blog

In case you haven’t noticed, some people have got very excited about the possibility of self-management transforming our public services. Well, … read more

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Choose Life. Choose Self-Efficacy…

10th February 2017 Blog

Why we at Osca are focussing on self-efficacy in public services in 2017 As I stepped out of the cinema last … read more

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