Nick Nielsen Director

Nick is an award-winning entrepreneur, facilitator, trainer and coach, with well over fifteen years’ experience of leading and supporting organisations in … read more

Richard Wilson Director

Rich is a policy analyst, entrepreneur and facilitator. He is a people power specialist with 20 years’ experience of strengthening democracy, … read more

Helen Fisher

Helen is an associate of Osca, specialising in evaluation and research. She has more than 12 years experience in the world … read more

Genevieve Maitland Hudson

Gen is a researcher, evaluator and project designer. She has wide-ranging experience of academic and social research. For the last six … read more

Douglas Hing

Dr Douglas Hing is a General Practitioner in South West London with a background in Coaching, Education and Management. He is … read more

Charlotte Whittaker

Charlotte is an Osca associate specialising in social enterprise, health and social care and programme development. She supports Osca’s role as … read more

Jane Mansour

Jane Mansour is an independent policy consultant. She has a rich and varied combination of international operational, research, evaluation and policy … read more

Emma Kernahan

Emma is a support worker specialising in financial capability, with 15 years’ experience of working closely with people with complex needs, … read more


Our core skills lie across three areas that are
rarely brought together for social impact:


Why Choose Us?

We are as interested in people as we are in measurement and analysis. No social impact, leadership or organisational change process will be effective without understanding and commitment from those involved. We always design approaches that build on and develop people’s strengths and work for them not against them.

Data is only really valuable when you have the means to analyse it. The main focus of our data work is the development of simple and usable means of analsying the information collected as a matter of course by organisations and using it to better understand what they do, how well it is working and how they can flex efficiently to do it better.

We always look at our work in context. We have a particular focus on the interaction between organisations and the external dynamics that determine many of the decisions taken within them. Our aim is always to bring perspective and the benefits of useful comparative approaches to our clients.