Are you a positivist or an idealist about social programmes?

2nd March 2015 Press
If I ever get a tattoo it will probably be a chunk of text from a book by Ian Hacking. I think it would be suitable, tattoos being permanent and Hacking’s texts so endlessly applicable – for instance to the current dynamics at work in philanthropy, charity and social programmes.
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A measurement revolution for the feudal barons of the charity world?

13th February 2015 Press
I’m not the first person, nor will I be the last, to point out that the quality of evidence for the effectiveness of many charitable ventures is not good...
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It’s hard to judge a charity’s performance by its emotional rhetoric

12th February 2015 Press
Questions about whether a particular charity fulfils its aims are being asked with increasing frequency these days, and quite right too. It’s no longer enough for a charity to have good intentions...
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This new era demands collective leadership, not heroic individuals

1st August 2014 Press
The old style of leadership is at odds with our complex and networked world…
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Old School Campaigning Wont Stop Extreme Weather

6th March 2014 Press
The UK Floods and brutally cold weather in the US is keeping climate change on the agenda. Campaigners are seizing on intensifying public anxiety to pressurise our politicians into supporting change. But it isn't working.
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Be a Better MP and You Can Have Your Money

10th December 2013 Press
I for one am open to increasing MPs pay. If, and it is a very big 'if', they become much, much better at their job. First and foremost, their job is to represent our views to parliament. And on this score, the vast majority of MPs fall laughably short of the mark.
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