Viridian Housing

3rd January 2013


Research design and implementation to understand the social impact of a pioneering digital inclusion project run by one of London’s largest Housing Associations.


Viridian Housing


Beginning in early 2013 we designed a long term research programme to compare a range of approaches to digital skills training for Viridian’s over-55’s tenants. Looking at the recruitment, training and how participants retained their skills in the long term, we set out to understand what kinds of wider social impacts the training brought. We were particularly interested in which kinds of training created the most self-efficacy in participants i.e. the most likelyhood that would feel confident and able to continue learning once training had finished – something which is particularly important in the ever-changing online world. We have designed a wide-ranging methodology for the task and hope to be posting initial findings in Autumn 2013.



Photo credit: Simon & His Camera

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