Peer Network Programme

8th September 2016


To evaluate the impact of Power to Change’s Peer Network programme, in the provision of support for community businesses across a range of sectors, examining the potential of peer support approaches in the context of diminishing resources.


Power to Change


Over ten years, with a £150 million endowment from Big Lottery Fund, Power to Change is supporting community businesses to create better places across England. In some of its primary research, it was highlighted that community businesses often secure crucial support from others community businesses in the same sector. In response to this need, a number of peer networks have been established to facilitate this connection between community businesses and different stages of maturation.

In 2016, Power to Change commissioned Osca to design and implement an evaluation of their peer network programme. This programme involves establishing a community of practice of peer networks to better understand good practice in their activities, and to develop resources to increase impact and sustainability for themselves and other networks.

This is a two year project involving working closely with Power to Change and the community of practice coveners (Shared Assets and Social Change Agency) in both a theory of change and associated metrics for evaluation.


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