Accelerating Ideas

20th November 2016


To support Nesta and its partner organisations in various areas including: strategy development, theory of change work, team development, and reflection. This has included the provision of various facilitated events and strategy sessions for teams across the organisation.




Formerly NESTA, National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts, Nesta was established in 1998 with an endowment from the UK National Lottery. It is an innovation foundation, which works with a range of partners to bring innovation methods to the big challenges facing society.

Over the last few years, Osca has been supporting Nesta both internally – in running strategy sessions and away days for a range of its teams – and also externally, in supporting many of its innovation partners to develop own capacity as part of Nesta’s Accelerating Ideas Programme.

2016 – working with the Alliance for Useful Evidence on the development of its theory of change. Plus helping to facilitate a wider network of those involved in standards for evidence, to explore the potential of creating common standards.

2017 – working with Nesta’s education team to develop a three year strategy, based on reflection of impact to date and an understanding of the changing landscape. In addition, providing support to the Cares Family in various guises – facilitating away days, providing training in managing challenging conversations, and working with the board (work is ongoing).

2018 – working with Nesta’s investment team on strategy development. Also, working on knitting together the various themes of work to develop a common approach to future investments.

2019 – providing support to Shared Lives Plus in developing their strategy at both senior management level, and then co-creating with the wider team. In addition, working with the Red Cross and Nesta together in agreeing an approach to piloting innovative service delivery methods.

2020 – working with Carers UK on the development of their organisational values, as a key part of the business planning process and ongoing activity.

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