‘Good Help’ – what is it and why isn’t there enough of it?

13th February 2018 Press

What constitutes good help and, once identified, how can it be applied at scale in mainstream services? A report launched last … read more

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There is such a thing as the wrong kind of help for public services to give

7th February 2018 Press

Public professionals can do more harm than good if they fail to motivate vulnerable people to change.

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How public services undermine people power – and what to do about it

8th February 2017 Press

It’s tough to give users control of services, rather than jumping in and telling them what to do. These five principles … read more

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The positives of impact audits outweigh the negatives

1st March 2016 Press

Impact audits are an attractive idea, particularly after six months in which charities were shown to be only moderately good at … read more

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Why not let public servants set their own salaries?

19th February 2016 Press

Self-management might appear unworkable in the public sector, but I’m not convinced there’s a credible alternative…

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Hind: ‘Large charities team might have spotted Kids Company’

10th February 2016 Press

The former chief executive of the Charity Commission suggested yesterday that the large charities team at the regulator might have spotted … read more

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If the government is truly committed to stopping another Kids Company, it must back this up with investment

3rd February 2016 Press

If the government is truly committed to stopping another Kids Company, it must back this up with investment…

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Charities are best placed to assess their own effectiveness

29th January 2016 Press

It is the charities themselves who can best assess how effective they are, not the government or anyone else…

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Charities need a better way to show evidence of impact to the public

29th January 2016 Press

The infrastructure for evidencing the effectiveness of social programmes is fundamentally flawed

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The Kids Company affair shows evidence still doesn’t drive funding decisions – but it should

25th November 2015 Press

We still have a long way to go in ensuring that good quality evidence is used to guide decision-making…

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