Richard Wilson


Rich is a policy analyst, entrepreneur and facilitator. He is a people power specialist with 20 years’ experience of strengthening democracy, communities and public services.

Rich is currently an adviser to the WHO, a trustee of the Local Trust and until 2015, he was a UN Adviser working in the Middle East.

In 2004, Rich was appointed as the first director of the charity Involve, which became a leading centre for public participation research, innovation and policy-making.

Rich has facilitated hundreds of events, specialising in deliberative facilitation such as Citizen Assemblies. He facilitated the largest events of the French and Swedish EU Presidencies; the EC’s Digital Agenda Assembly and the Mobile World Congress, each with over 1,500 delegates.

Rich regularly blogs for the Guardian and has written many publications including Anti Hero, Civic Limits and People and Participation. His latest publication, Good and Bad Help, has initiated a major programme of work on public service reform and social action.