Neil Reeder

Neil Reeder is an economist providing analysis on the delivery, commissioning and financing of services to improve social outcomes. He is the Director of Head and Heart Economics. Neil was formerly Senior Ecnomic Planner at London Transport; Economic Advisor for the Department of Trade an Industry; Senior Policy Adviser at HM Treasury and Head of Analysis to the Gershon Review; and Head of Local Government Efficiency at the Department for Communities and Local Government. In 2009 he became a programme leader at the Young Foundation, a think-tank on social innovation. In this role he oversaw a range of public sector innovation research, from a strategy piece for senior managers on how to strengthen NHS innovation activity, to analysis of ways to enhance the European Commission’s approach to assessing social innovation.

Head and Heart Economics, of which he has been Director since 2012, provides economic analysis for public sector and social enterprises. Its advisory projects have included an assessment of costs, revenues and prices for probation trust spin-offs in London and SW England; the design of a personalised budget scheme for looked-after-children; the development of a payment-by-results contract for smoking cessation services; and a review of private-public social finance options in Malaysia. Its research activity includes an assessment of trends in preventative spend by local authorities, and research for London School of Economics (2013-4) examining the measurement of wider impacts of social investment.