Health Coaching Framework

8th December 2015


To develop a good practice guide for commissioners in the design, delivering, evaluation and sustainability of health coaching programmes across the country. As well as a method for implementing a health coaching approach across a particular region or institution.


Health Education England


Having delivered Coaching for Health training courses since 2011, we were commissioned by Health Education England, along with the Tavistock Institute to conduct a strategic review into health coaching, with the aim of making recommendations on the most effective investment they could make in pursuing the approach.

The review involved an extensive literature review, over seventy-five interviews, a workshop and online consultation with experts, commissioners, educators and providers from across the country.

Based on the findings, we co-produced two resources to best support high quality health coaching programmes:

A quality framework – for the commissioning of high quality programmes, which has sections outlining good practice in the design, delivery, evaluation and sustaining health coaching approaches, with linked examples under each.

A delivery template – for designing health coaching activities at regional and local levels. This includes how to foster and support a community of leaders and champions of the approach, to support a culture change in a local area or institution over time.

These resources have been developed in conjunction with HEE NCEL and other partners around the country and are available for download on the Health Education England website.

The delivery template and associated research has informed our regional approach to delivering Coaching for Health and our current programmes, including a recent programme in North West London, which includes a Train the Trainer component.

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