Digital Organisers

1st September 2013


To enable the country’s 500 Community Organisers to harness digital tools for social change. Working alongside Locality and the UK’s Cabinet Office, we designed and delivered an intensive 6 month programme of training and support for participants.


UK Cabinet Office


We created a 6 month training programme for participants that mixed face to face skills-building workshops with one to one coaching and group webinars. Training a group with a diverse set of skills and experience needed a careful balance of bespoke support and group work.  The programme has three core learning outcomes:

  • Digital Creativity
  • Digital Discernment
  • Digital Skills

By the end of the programme participants have been better aware of the amazing breadth and depth of digital tools we have at our disposal for effecting social change and how to use them together for the most impact.  We have focused on four themes throughout the programme;

  1. Listening Online: understanding the concerns and aspirations of a community
  2. Storytelling: conveying the story of a participants work and facilitating a community to tell it’s story online
  3. Network building: network analysis skills and network building
  4. Data: how to create, use and harness data (both from a community and open data produced by government)



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