Co-creating Public Services

3rd February 2014


To support the prototype process for new models of public service delivery in the areas of social health and employability




Participle is a social enterprise based in London, working throughout the UK. They design, develop and take to scale innovative solutions to the most pressing social challenges of our time with the objective of transforming the way public services are designed and delivered.
Over the last twelve months or so, we have been working in partnership with Participle to help them design and delivery new models in the provision of social health and employability skills through networked resource models.


As with our project in Coaching for Health with the NHS London Deanery, this project recognises the growing burden that long term and chronic conditions place on patients and the health system. At the heart of the Participle approach is the utilisation of the potential that exists in the networks all around us. We were involved in the development of a curriculum for supporting patients to identify their own wellbeing goals and resources, and the development for techniques for being able to make and stick to plans for managing their own conditions.


Recognising that the impact of the current employment support services can be limited, this project looked at the importance of boosting employability for those who are longer term unemployed. We were involved in the development of a curriculum which inspired and supported participants to increase their level of physical, community and professional activity, along with boosting their skills and activity in galvanising the networks that exist around them in pursuit of employment opportunities.


Photo credit: Alex Brenner

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