Setting the standard: What can social impact measurement learn from feedback?

17th November 2015 Blog

The most useful reflection for me following October’s excellent Feedback Labs Summit in Washington DC is that there is a useful … read more

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Recap: Hidden Talent Seminar

24th September 2015 Blog

Recap of our leadership seminar “Hidden Talent” with Harthill and PwC on 10 Septemeber 2015 at the RSA. [View the story … read more

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Recap: Shared Measurement Seminar

22nd September 2015 Blog

Recap of our seminar Shared Measurement: Rethinking Impact on 10 Septemeber 2015 at the RSA. [View the story “Recap: Shared Measurement … read more

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Total Numbers of Clients Versus Caseload: why the latter is a better measure

27th July 2015 Blog

I – and now others* – have cast doubt on the number of children and young people that the charity Kids … read more

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Organisational Change: The New Ten Commandments

16th June 2015 Blog

Since 2010 many consultancies I’ve spoken to have reported an increase in demand for organisations seeking to fundamentally change their ways … read more

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Taylor Swift: Bellwether for the socially acceptable

1st April 2015 Blog

Taylor Swift is an interesting cultural phenomenon and, as the chart above shows, one who is taking up ever increasing media … read more

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The Internet of Truths

24th March 2015 Blog

I spend a lot of time thinking about forms of measurement: what they are, how they can be implemented effectively in … read more

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We need to talk about Kids Company

11th February 2015 Blog

Kids Company’s Urban Academy: to really convey the place in 2008 you’d need an immersive experience. Invasive noise, overblown primary coloured … read more

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Directing Democracy

2nd October 2014 Blog

There was much talk of the family conflict caused by the Scottish referendum. The BBC led their 10 o’clock news coverage … read more

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Whip it. Whip it real good.

4th September 2014 Blog

There’s a quote from French writer Jean Paulhan that you can get on postcards in Paris gift shops: “tout a été … read more

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